This page lists some things you can do to become an active part of the Kink On Tap community.

How to support Kink On Tap if you can't contribute financially[edit | edit source]

If you appreciate the show, making a monetary donation (whether it be a one time sum or one of our options for small recurring donations) helps us keep going both morally and financially. It's an expression of the show's worth to you that we can then put into making the show worth even more. We should say, both of us still have other sources of income, so it's not like we're risking personal bankruptcy. Nevertheless, Kink On Tap is not a negligible portion of our cash flow.

All that being said, if for any reason you can't contribute to support us financially, there's still plenty you can do to help us out. You can:

There's always stuff you can do to help!

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