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If you're attempting to contact the Kink On Tap production staff, the best way to do so is to email Use the rest of this page for talking to Maymay about the Kink On Tap wiki itself. Thanks!

The thing is, there are no shortage of offiaicl guidelines showing exactly how to release the data. The Local Data Panel has a concise and clear set of principles for local data release worth reading for their clarity alone. The Open Knowledge Foundation does too.

Regarding the To Do List[]

There were two points on the to do list I wish to address.

  1. Transcription. If you are still seeking someone to help with transcription, I'm someone with a modicum of experience, having needed to transcribe audio text both for a disability support center on a college campus and for my own Linguistics projects at university. The link you provided that suggested $1/minute of audio seems fair, but if that's outside your current financial abilities to cover that pay scale, I am open to negotiate. I am currently supplementing my income as a writer, and have editorial experience as well.
  2. Comments. For whatever my opinion is worth among all who have listened to your talks or kept up to date with your blogs and other projects, the comment guidelines already appear straightforward and insightful based on your stated position of transparency and personal responsibility. It holds commenters to the same standards by which you have worked to live your life (as I understand it).

I apologize if I managed to mess up this talk page, as I've never edited a wiki before, strange as that seems to me.

Thank you for all of your hard work.

Be well,

Raven (yes, really)

Thanks for the offer to transcribe, Raven. I don't currently have a budget for transcription (in fact, Kink On Tap is relatively deeply in the red), but if you want to transcribe some episodes and keep track of your hourly work on that, I'll be glad to offer whatever compensation seems reasonable to us. I'll follow up with you with an email, as well, since it seems you edited this page anonymously. --Meitar 09:26, November 26, 2010 (UTC)