The Speeque chat room is the main Kink On Tap chat room where anyone can join to chat. It's the same chat room that's available from Maymay usually hangs out in here as bitetheappleback (but he isn't always at his computer ;).

This chat room is not moderated 24/7, although it often (but not always) is when a broadcast is being recorded.

Web interface[edit | edit source]

[[Video:How_To_Kink_On_Tap's_Live_Page|frame|Watch a brief video tutorial that walks you through the Kink On Tap live stream interface and chat room, courtesy of NikolasCo.]] Speeqe provides a web interface to the chat room that you can find at Most browsers work, but Maymay only tests to ensure Firefox and Safari are working.

iPhone and iPod touch[edit | edit source]

You can join the speeqe chat room using your iPhone or iPod touch when you're connected to the Internet. Simply go to using Safari.

Using a chat program[edit | edit source]

Since Speeqe is built on top of XMPP, any XMPP/Jabber client can be used to connect to the chat room. Instructions for connecting to the Speeqe chat room with some popular clients are provided below.

iChat[edit | edit source]

To connect to the Kink On Tap speeqe chat room using iChat, do the following:

  1. Sign on to a Jabber network, such as with your Google account.
  2. Select File → Go to chat room… from the menu.
  3. Enter into the Room Name field.
  4. Click Go

Adium[edit | edit source]

Google Talk[edit | edit source]

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