Molly Ren is a chubby, kinky, switchy, bi girl with a feederism fetish. She is a dominant feeder, which means she likes to feed boys by hand until their tummies bulge out and they cry for mercy. Recently, she’s discovered there are other boys, known as “feedees”, who think this would be a great idea too. She corresponds with feedees in the UK, Portland, and Whales, but has not yet found a local one to play with on a regular basis.

Molly started blogging about feederism in 2007 and has often considered quitting because she has “the dumbest fetish ever”, but gluttonous boys with nice round bellies continue to have an unusual hold on her psyche. She hopes writing about it will make it better. She’s also interested in impossible-to-realize fetishes, strap ons, orgies, herpes, and literature.

Molly lives somewhere near the US capital, which is turning out to be more kink-friendly than she originally thought. Her goal for this year is to go to every single kink event offered and maybe write about them. This is hard because she is also rather shy.

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