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Episode 67
Wiki.png "Fuck Your Health"

Host(s): Maymay

Guest(s): Jessica Halem, Kelli Dunham

Recorded: November 14, 2010

Published: November 20, 2010

Duration: 47:51

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  • Maymay, destiny is. The love and energy you put in to this project have inspired and supported me through a year of personal loss and change. I am sure that love and energy, soon to be released, will continue to bring joy and comfort to those you are yet to meet. rumiboy @ 01:20:41 UTC
  • My doctor (we went to college together) asks me if "I got any" lately. I totally love her. Tengrain @ 01:28:43 UTC
  • Got to have a good sense of humor in bed! jessicahalem @ 01:37:41 UTC
  • And it is important to deal with REALITY rather than with PRETENSE. madison44954 @ 01:47:39 UTC
  • Too many people are pitting one against the other. Iamcuriousblue @ 01:48:38 UTC

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