Kink On Tap
Episode 38
Wiki "An Entirely Different Region of the Body"

Host(s): Maymay, Emma

Guest(s): Arvan Reese, Megan Andelloux

Recorded: April 25, 2010

Published: April 29, 2010

Duration: 1:15:59

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  • "I think both Brainquake and Boobquake are fantastic ideas. Basically, they're showing off the achievements of women. So why is there this infighting, y'know what I mean, such animosity between people who are female-assigned who want to take pride in their bodies and people who think their doing that is somehow damaging to women's liberation?"

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  • Basically Brights are atheists who are friendly to agnostics and religious folks. New Atheism is more aggressive in it statement that there is no "god". [ jakestratton @ 00:23:36 UTC ]
  • I mean, I don't believe in any kind of god but I think if the religion doesn't harm anybody then it's ok. [ ohigetit @ 00:24:13 UTC ]
  • If it does cause an earthquake imagine how the boobs will jiggle. It may cause a secondary earthquake. [ jakestratton @ 00:26:50 UTC ]
  • You don't need to go to Iran to find sex negative wingnuts. [ rumiboy @ 00:29:47 UTC ]
  • All extremists should be given a cupcake each time they have a moment of doubt. [ looksy @ 00:38:21 UTC ]
  • I will say I find this ad a hell of a lot most arousing than most bra commercials though. Not to give Faux any validity. [ jakestrattton @ 00:40:59 UTC ]
  • Cinderella - Well, one of the problems with life is that breasts are east to see, intelligence takes a little more investigation. [ jakestratton @ 00:52:36 UTC ]
  • People have sexual fears because they aren't educated and don't really know HOW to get information because it's not taught. There's so much stigma to sexual education. It's horrible. [ Siniful @ 00:55:07 UTC ]
  • It wasn't about sex, it was about pleasure. [ jakestratton @ 00:57:49 UTC ]
  • I agree, Jack. It recalls Foucault's argument that Christianity effectively expelled pleasure from philosophical discourse with the effect that most people no longer know what pleasure is. [ adams60810 @ 01:05:27 UTC ]
  • I used to say I was bisexual, but now like to say I am omnivorous, more inclusive. [ rumiboy @ 01:13:51 UTC ]
  • Bisexuality is tough for both "sides" to fit into their paradigm. [ jackstratton @ 01:15:14 UTC ]
  • In general though I get my feathers ruffled whenever I want to go to something and can't because of my gender presentation/identity. Especially by groups who are fighting against being denied things because of their identity. [ jakestratton @ 01:25:21 UTC ]

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