Kink On Tap
Episode 35
Wiki "School of Hard Knocks"

Host(s): Maymay, Emma

Guest(s): Charlie Glickman, Margot Weiss

Recorded: April 4, 2010

Published: April 8, 2010

Duration: 1:38:32

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  • "Knowledge is not born out of an unquestioned belief or conviction but rather from uncertainty."

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  • I imagine the reaction is similar to when people meet psychologists or psychotherapists. They're intimidated, or they start talking about what their problems are. [ Viviane212 @ 00:12:12 UTC ]
  • As in if you're not having simultaneous orgasms, you're doing it wrong. [ Pavo734 @ 00:36:50 UTC ]
  • Rubin's "Thinking Sex" should be required reading for anyone interested in sex. [ [Charlie] @ 00:54:47 UTC ]
  • Yet Oprah can say "va-jay-jay" [ Pavo734 @ 01:07:07 UTC ]
  • Should be teaching them how to masturbate instead of paddling them. [ washington56539 @ 01:12:33 UTC ]
  • Moral Contagion? Is Cotton Mather still alive? [ rumbly @ 01:40:57 UTC ]
  • Strangely enough, Cotton Mather, the Puritan minister who presided over witch trials, also introduced smallpox vaccination to the colony. [ rumbly @ 01:43:32 UTC ]

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