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James Buchanan, a multipublished author of, primarily, homoerotic romance & fiction. He grew up in a small Texas town, hours away from any other small Texas town and about as far west as you could go and still be considered in Texas. He did a stint at the University, where he majored in English. The absolute lack of employment opportunities sent him to Southern California. After a stint in County Mental Health (administration not client) he ran screaming into the field of Law. So far he has been practicing for many years and someday might even get it right.

Currently he volunteers as the Obelisk Awards Coordinator, List Dom and MySpace WebMaster for the Erotic Authors Association. He also edits the newsletter for the ManLoveRomance Author Co-op. His novella Twice the Cowboy won both the Preditors & Editors Best Romance Novella of 2006 but also the Golden Rose 2007 award for Best Novella.

He writes original, erotic GLBT fiction. His writing style is across the board, but mainly he writes original homosexual fiction (some call it slash from the Male/Male designation) of the romantic flavor. He has written pansexual and/or bisexual stories although the queer relationships tend to be the dominate one. The type of fiction he writes is often called “Boy Love,” although there are no underage relationships in his stories.

All of his work to date is erotic. The longer works have heavy elements of romance in them. Some of his stuff is Original Yaoi with the traditional Seme and Uke roles with all involved being Bishonen. Otherwise his erotic fiction runs the gamut of mystery, thriller, horror, fantasy, historical fiction and science fiction. Much of it, no matter what genre is often labeled “dark fic” or “Gothic” as it has an edgy, not quite happy feel.

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