If you can insert HTML source code into your web site's web pages, you can embed Kink On Tap episodes on your own site. Although you are not required to include a link to the episode page on the Kink On Tap website when you embed a show on your own page, failing to provide a link back to the show page is not only inconsiderate, it also means we can't find you as easily. And if you like what we do, we'll probably like what you do, so you might as well tell us you exist by including a link! :)

How to embed shows Edit

Near the bottom of each episode's show notes page, a block of pre-formatted HTML code is displayed. Copy and paste that code into your HTML pages or publishing system to embed Kink On Tap episodes on your own website. Please note that not all publishing systems will allow you to do this, and we cannot troubleshoot issues for you.

System requirements Edit

In order for the embedded episodes to play correctly, you must have the Apple QuickTime Player Plug-In installed in either the Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, or Internet Explorer web browsers. Other system configurations may function properly, but have not been tested.

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