Briefs are short synopsis of news stories, articles, or blog posts of interest to the Kink On Tap community.

Community-contributed Briefs Edit

Briefs can be written by anyone, at any time. You don't need to be a Volunteer/Media Monitor to get published by Kink On Tap. Furthermore, what you contribute is automatically added to the Kink On Tap community links feed. (Look ma, no moderation!)

To write a Brief, use to bookmark a page and write a summary of its contents that generally adhere to our Brief writing guidelines. Include the tag KinkOnTap and, if we agree with your synopsis of the content, we'll cross-post your contribution on the Kink On Tap website along with a note crediting you for your contribution.

Also, the Kink On Tap Editorial Staff reserves the right to edit your Brief for clarity if we choose to cross-post it. Edits will only appear on the Kink On Tap website, not your original bookmark.

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