Kink On Tap
Episode 65
Wiki "Sexy Pumpkins"

Host(s): Maymay, Emma

Guest(s): Shanna Katz

Recorded: 10/31/10

Published: 11/6/2010

Duration: 1:20:36

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  • A coworker told me she does not celebrate halloween because it is the "devil's holiday". I told her the real devil's holiday is April 15 (US Tax Day). rumiboy @ 00:11:06 UTC
  • Weddings are real estate transactions. Halloween and Mardi Gras to me are opportunities to celebrate being a sexual being. rumiboy @ 00:19:23 UTC
  • I'm actually very unexcited about Halloween this year because last week I was at a play party where I got to run around *topless* in costume. I was like, Wow, I can do this *every week* now if I want to. MollyRen @ 00:19:50 UTC
  • Halloween is an excellent opportunity for closeted cross dressers to stock up on outfits without embarrassment. rumiboy @ 00:20:36 UTC
  • "I do stupid things sober" YES! Div @ 00:26:28 UTC
  • To quote Ministry, "Every day is Halloween" Iamcuriousblue @ 00:33:53 UTC
  • The local parties here have everything from nothing or blue jeans to full on fancy period clothing in latex. oliverHyde @ 00:36:31 UTC
  • I agree with may when it comes to the requirement to dress up for something or other. I've been invited to several fetish parties a woman I know hosts and I will never go because there is a strict minimal clothing dress code, which I can't understand. While I would love to take part and all, I don't like how I'm supposed to portray myself in one instance or another. menstrualpoetry @ 00:39:49 UTC
  • Even though the gaming community is really diverse. The attitude overall is an ignorant, 12 year old boy. Evey @ 00:47:38 UTC
  • Prostitution is decriminalized in most of Australia, but porn is increasingly illegal. Complete reverse of most of the US. Iamcuriousblue @ 01:06:24 UTC
  • Were they ninja prostitutes? oliverHyde @ 01:20:58 UTC
  • Not proven, but most people thought alexa/pat was behind expose a ho, which tried to get sex workers' real names and addresses. Shanna @ 01:27:28 UTC
  • It's so nasty because it highlights how hard it can be to get at the truth on the internet. People have made well-reasoned arguments about concerns that sound legit, and then in the comments things get torn apart so much *everyone* looks ugly. MollyRen @ 01:29:05 UTC

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