Kink On Tap
Episode 63
Wiki "This is Africa"

Host(s): Maymay, Emma

Guest(s): Clarisse Thorn

Recorded: October 17, 2010

Published: October 22, 2010

Duration: 1:40:34

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  • Missionary is not as intense as fire play. WatcherAzazel @ 00:31:46 UTC
  • How can you have consent if you are hiding? tellallalways @ 00:32:57 UTC
  • Voice and words combination such as yours are empowering and comforting. I am encouraged by just listening to you. junaria @ 00:34:51 UTC
  • I think many feminists get pretty damn paternalistic in their concepts of consent. At least in the case of the "radical feminists". Iamcuriosblue @ 00:35:42 UTC
  • The idea that you can second-guess consent for a third party is absolutely vile. Iamcuriosblue @ 00:36:01 UTC
  • The demonization of the male is an important part of what i see as the larger 'divide and conquer' thing that's going on. FW @ 00:41:23 UTC
  • I suspect it may also make it harder for Gale Dines to bitch about women doing S&M porn for money, when lots of women do the same things for free. WatcherAzazel @ 00:41:59 UTC
  • Males are dominant where they can be... They will pounce on any opportunity to elicit warfare... And Africa is a battlefield... tellallalways @ 00:52:09 UTC
  • I am kind of fearful of hearing that circumcision is a "proven" preventer of HIV… this rubs me the absolutely wrong way. junaria @ 00:54:56 UTC
  • There would be no death if there was no life. junaria @ 00:55:49 UTC
  • I just don't understand how getting your penis cut up is easier than wearing a condom. TheLaughingOut @ 00:59:28 UTC
  • Anything to fight AIDS is good I guess, but it seems like cutting off your foot to combat athlete's foot. TheLaughingOut @ 01:08:07 UTC
  • I really don't' know -- I think it's only been in the last 100 years you find wholesale non-Jewish circumcision in this country, for example. BEG @ 01:10:44 UTC
  • Cut yourself if you want, but believing that it will help in HIV is DANGEROUS!!! junaria @ 01:13:01 UTC
  • With all due respect to pro diplomacy - it is was and will be forever the proving grounds for power hungry asshole politicians... junaria @ 01:33:24 UTC
  • Problem is that politicians are running our lives, dominating the standards for everything, and abuse their power to personal gain... junaria @ 01:35:22 UTC
  • Diplomacy must serve the good of all. Politicians must serve as community servants first, as activists, as social motivator, only then could be allowed to ask for votes. junaria @ 01:38:21 UTC
  • NO - Do not brand yourself as your activism... You need to brand your voice, writing, - then you can move mountains. junaria @ 02:04:39 UTC

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