Kink On Tap
Episode 59
Wiki "It's Funny 'Cause She Hates Sex"

Host(s): Maymay, Emma

Guest(s): Arvan Reese, Shanna Katz, Blue Gal

Recorded: September 19, 2010

Published: September 24, 2010

Duration: 1:50:57

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  • "Witty remark."

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  • I'm a professional pest, but I dabble in perversion, progressive thinking and pissing on people's Post Toasties. sexgenderbody @ 00:13:47 UTC
  • I try to balance corporate life & activism/organizers, and it's HARD. It's awesome that we have people like you that can devote yourself to activism full time. YoungMetroPoly @ 00:15:20 UTC
  • "I do not believe that it is anyone’s right to introduce my children to S&M no matter how passionate you are about freedom of speech. This public demonstration of masochism is so wrong, morally and ethically. How dare you, you thoughtless, shallow-minded, sick and twisted (in my opinion)...." etc. oliverHyde @ 00:26:27
  • That masturbation line is the completion of the notion that sex can only be about procreation. Tengrain @ 00:41:42 UTC
  • And if you look at it, Christianity is, in general, a very anti-sex religion. hayes34137 @ 00:46:55 UTC
  • From Wikipedia: "Following college, O'Donnell went to work for Enough is Enough, a Washington, D.C.-based anti-pornography group." Iamcuriousblue @ 00:49:18 UTC
  • There's a reason why women get marginalized by Fundies. Tengrain @ 00:49:22 UTC
  • And yet 'liberals' call out the Christine O'donnells of the world, but for some reason they listen to the Donna Hughes'. FeministWhore @ 00:55:59 UTC
  • Tengrain - the answer is to educate people, so they DON"T feel uncomfortable buying condoms. Shanna @ 01:01:41 UTC
  • NO EDUCATION IS FROM THE DEVIL! bush56042 @ 01:02:02 UTC
  • When that becomes the norm, it won't matter. Tengrain @ 01:04:48 UTC
  • "flip flop" xMech @ 01:10:56 UTC
  • Unfortunately, all too often, policy decisions are made *precisely* on data inflated to serve a purpose. vlad43210 @ 01:14:48 UTC
  • They view the "suffering" in a romantic light. FeministWhore @ 01:19:04 UTC
  • Freedom=Government forces to have babies. Tengrain @ 01:22:40 UTC
  • Koran says it is the man's duty to give his wife pleasure. rumiboy @ 01:36:48 UTC
  • But, anal sex is so awesome. obama1719 @ 01:39:36 UTC
  • I'm Mexican...when I talk about "strapping it on" i'm talking about kicking somebody's ass. bush56042 @ 01:40:25 UTC
  • How about keeping the TP in plain sight? It's all about denying our humanity. Tengrain @ 01:42:07 UTC
  • One leads to the other, in a giant censorious circle. Shanna @ 01:50:45 UTC
  • I'm not sure you can assume that positive censorship can be safely assumed - filtering always has the danger of false positives. Johntheother @ 01:52:02 UTC
  • "I try not to describe the future, I try to prevent it." - Ray Bradbury Tengrain @ 01:54:33 UTC
  • EXACTLY!!! one of my favorite forms of activism is being the friendly person who talks to wildflowers at sex parties. oliverHyde @ 01:55:19 UTC
  • How hypocritical is it that they say porn objectifies people but they censor sex educators but you can still find porn easily. bush56042 @ 02:03:50 UTC

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