Kink On Tap
Episode 50
Wiki "Let's Do A Reenactment"

Host(s): Maymay, Emma

Guest(s): Sara Eileen, Arvan Reese, Aida Manduley

Recorded: July 18, 2010

Published: July 21, 2010

Duration: 1:31:40

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  • I had a friend that was fairly conservative but he was pro gay marriage and he phrased it this way, "Just because you shit doesn't mean that I have to wipe." Which made me laugh. armaross @ 00:09:32 UTC
  • If I was on the road to Kinkoria, Lee Harrington would be the prankster angel zapping me off my horse. rumiboy @ 00:18:22 UTC
  • I'm sure every man wants to get fucked every now and then. armaross @ 00:24:43 UTC
  • LOL, bunghole a quaint old word from the days of rum in a barrel. rumiboy @ 00:30:23 UTC
  • It frightens me how these New Puritans have so much influence over our elected representatives. The only thing that will counteract is to just stand up and say who you are. rumiboy @ 00:44:12 UTC
  • "The church's internal rules are no more important than the rules of your local golf club", I loved that. rumiboy @ 00:46:43 UTC
  • "Yes indeed, he has a pair, and they dangle nicely" Maja @ 00:50:56 UTC
  • Introibo Ad Altare Dei with my unit hanging out the bottom of a banquet chair, now I know true humility. rumiboy @ 00:51:31 UTC
  • I like Damian Green, the Brit Immigration guy, who said telling people what they can and can’t wear, if they're just walking down the street, is a rather un-British thing to do. rumiboy @ 01:03:52 UTC
  • Sounds similar to the thing with John Bakku with the if you're not for banning sex shops by schools, you must be for having it. realoliverhyde @ 01:06:04 UTC
  • A great comment on this: How many "family values" conservative republicans were getting this in the mail "shrink-wrapped in black plastic"? C'mon, the teens are hardly in an uproar. But this list could prove to be very interesting. Living a lie about loving beautiful young men must really suck balls. rumiboy @ 01:28:35 UTC

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