Kink On Tap
Episode 49
Wiki "Can I Get A "Fuck You""

Host(s): Maymay, Emma

Guest(s): Blue Gal, Arvan Reese

Recorded: July 11, 2010

Published: July 14, 2010

Duration: 1:34:56

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  • Clinton signed a bill that arrived on his desk with veto proof majorities. Republican Bob Barr was the prime mover behind the bill. Vanburen51544 @ 00:25:45 UTC
  • It falls into the same kinda thing for parents, only they cannot say, "some of my best kids are gay". Tengrain @ 00:35:48 UTC
  • Eh. Innies and Outties. Tengrain @ 00:37:03 UTC
  • Dr. Seuss and the star-bellied sneetches + "Gattica" ruined me for joining eugenics cults forever. driftglass @ 00:42:48 UTC
  • Bah, said badly... I mean, prenatal changes with steroids can have wide ranging effects, it's not just on genitals.. b/c steroids are not just targeted chemicals. they aren t that specific. xMech @ 00:48:48 UTC
  • Circumcision is basically ritual. Stalin's Lysenkoism tried to force the inheritance of acquired traits. This actually does what Lysenko promised. driftglass @ 00:54:05 UTC
  • Like it or not, we are in fact 10-15 years away from being able to radically alter the genetic characteristics of humans. What happens when a 300 million dollars can buy you 300 years of additional life? driftglass @ 01:02:34 UTC
  • What happens when some people can upload themselves into the machinery and internet that control the lives of the rest of us? sexgenderbody @ 01:03:51 UTC
  • The lure of the exotic MollyRen @ 01:15:34 UTC
  • "I pegged him for hours and hours and hours..." MollyRen @ 01:16:50 UTC
  • The culture says that women should not enjoy sex, let alone want it. Tengrain @ 01:17:16 UTC
  • From the Apple onward, the male alibi has been "I couldn't control myself" to which I say, "Grow the fuck up and stop embarrassing my gender" MollyRen @ 01:18:32 UTC
  • Good luck getting rid of all the porn. when I was a kid with no internet, I jerked off to Norse myths :-p MollyRen @ 01:33:57 UTC
  • A society that gets rid of all its troublemakers goes downhill. - Robert A. Heinlein Bluegal @ 01:36:32 UTC

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