Kink On Tap
Episode 44
Wiki "Change My Skin"

Host(s): Maymay, Emma

Guest(s): Lee Harrington

Recorded: June 6, 2010

Published: June 10, 2010

Duration: 1:43:35

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  • Lee Harrington: Making the Spiritual Accessible to the those who could take it or leave it. - MargoEve @ 00:17:15 UTC
  • Bardic tradition travelled at the speed of horse. New bardic tradition is global. all my bards are online. - rumiboy @ 00:20:06 UTC
  • Hmm, a kinky soap opera.... - rumiboy @ 00:24:46 UTC
  • Sometimes for media at large, putting up the larger known categories is easier than the more distinct niches in the sexual culture, unfortunately. - coward33905 @ 00:38:44 UTC
  • Queer requires conversations- this is positive and negative for some folks. - LeeHarrington @ 00:49:33 UTC
  • Then again, don't all sexualities if your truly talking about your definition? - harrison53275 @ 00:50:13 UTC
  • How many people think straight relations are morally acceptable - aspacewithin @ 00:50:51 UTC
  • Wait, that can't be right. I mean some women's attitudes must have changed if young people's attitudes changed. - belovedMuse @ 00:52:57 UTC
  • Love the way language affects people. Rhetoric at its best. - MargoEve @ 00:53:54 UTC
  • And it's why messages matters. Knowing your audience is important. - MargoEve @ 00:54:31 UTC
  • Eric Schwarts ... "come out of the closet, oh man it's about time..." - helio_girl @ 00:56:53 UTC
  • Even for minorities. Studies have been done to show that having, even staged conversations between white cops and minority youth reduces racial profiling. - belovedMuse @ 00:57:58 UTC
  • It's all about definition and most archetypes don't stand up to personal definition. - Kalyana @ 00:58:43 UTC
  • Because Gender is a classification that we don't have enough terminology for. - Kalyana @ 01:03:25 UTC
  • Again, the majority counts... AND EVERYONE LOVES PORN, especially the church. - nixon5284 @ 01:27:28 UTC
  • Porn doesn't create rapists. - MargoEve @ 01:28:52 UTC
  • Consider what rape really is, and you will be bound to agree that religion, monotheism particularly, Judeo-Christian, sets the ground for justified rape. - nixon5284 @ 01:32:41 UTC
  • Hearing the word "sir" reminds me of Marcie and Peppermint Pattie from Peanuts. coward33905 @ 01:42:13 UTC

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