Kink On Tap
Episode 41
Wiki "Why is there a baby?"

Host(s): Maymay, Emma

Guest(s): Lilly, Per

Recorded: May 16, 2010

Published: May 21, 2010

Duration: 1:36:31

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  • I know I've heard of menstrual-blood-based art before. [Maja @ 00:28:15 UTC]
  • Reminds me of the tampon commercial censorship. [xMech @ 00:28:27 UTC]
  • Reminds me of Jonathan Swift's obsession with female defecation. [ponnfarr @ 00:31:00 UTC]
  • Ponfarr, this is *amazing* - "Everybody Poops," by Jonathan Swift. [Maja @ 00:34:15 UTC]
  • The phrase is "whatever lifts your luggage". - Dan Savage coined. [Maja @ 00:42:24 UTC]
  • It's the same thing as "whatever floats your boat" - so, a synonym for whatever gets you off, not just homosexual sex! [Maja @ 00:43:05 UTC]
  • "bisexual" seems to imply more than one partner. [rumiboy @ 00:56:00 UTC]
  • I think we need to read Herbert Marcuse again, about the way we form these new categories in order to get out from under the old ones, then forget they were meant to be temporary. [rumiboy @ 00:59:04 UTC]
  • I imagine folks might think an auction would "cheapen the experience". [Maja @ 01:12:04 UTC]
  • It will devalue sex as a tool for selling stuff. [rumiboy @ 01:14:03 UTC]
  • And so the discourse is either the butterflies or the regret. [xMech @ 01:15:14 UTC]
  • To me, selling you virginity would, by default, create a public arena... and the documentarian isn't any more or less guilty, in my eyes, of participating in some level of spectacle than the virgin... [debrahyde @ 01:23:34 UTC]
  • I think a more interesting project would be a documentary oral history of people from several generations talking about how they lost their virginity and what, over the years, it's meant to them. [debrahyde @ 01:25:19 UTC]
  • The thing about the "your first time should be special" thing - yes, it's oversold, but it's ultimately about valuing your own sexuality, i.e. not having sex just because someone wants you to. No? [Maja @ 01:27:35 UTC]

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