Kink On Tap
Episode 34
Wiki "Fecal-visaged"

Host(s): Maymay, Emma

Guest(s): Brad Hanon, Unspeakable Axe

Recorded: March 28, 2010

Published: March 31, 2010

Duration: 1:46:46

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  • "Another witty and incisive remark!"

Chat room quotesEdit

  • The problem I don't like about this whole issue is that it isn't the kids that are saying "her and her girlfriend will be a disturbance". It's the administrators/adults that are saying that. [ sinful @ 00:10:15 UTC ]
  • Yeah. Most kids these days are pretty much cool with homosexuals, but the parents gotta shit a brick over every little thing. [ BradHanon @ 00:13:12 UTC ]
  • Size queens even back then. [ sexgenderbody @ 00:33:23 UTC ]
  • I think that Ricardo Montalban could pitch these on a late-night infomercial. [ sexgenderbody @ 00:34:12 UTC ]
  • Abstinence-only education is embarrassing. "We want to provide a lack education in our education!" [ Siniful @ 00:41:36 UTC ]
  • I wonder if that's why one of my former boyfriends was really into the idea of anal sex... he was rather religious and guilt-ridden. [ Siniful @ 00:45:48 UTC ]
  • Actually, if done wrong, you CAN get pregnant from anal sex. [ Pavo734 @ 00:45:50 UTC ]
  • They're not interested in continuing dialogue. They are trying to use fear and intimidation, not logic and reasoning. [ Siniful @ 00:49:54 UTC ]
  • I make love in a lot of other ways than the physical. Making love is what I do every day by living with my lover. Having sex is what we do specifically in bed. [ Siniful @ 00:55:54 UTC ]
  • The health of a nation is dependent upon the health of its workforce. [ Pavo734 @ 00:57:50 UTC ]
  • Oh, yeah, let a woman die just so long as you don't abort the fetus. [ Pavo734 @ 01:05:12 UTC ]
  • Facebook is like... one of the social networks *least* likely, in my mind, for casual encounters. [ Siniful @ 01:27:21 UTC ]
  • Marriage: legalized prostitution. [ Pavo734 @ 01:41:08 UTC ]
  • Isn't taking money to be a surrogate mother sex work? [ Siniful @ 01:41:10 UTC ]

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