Kink On Tap
Episode 31
Wiki "Delightfully Flawed People"

Host(s): Maymay, Emma

Guest(s): Sarah Sloane, Shanna Katz

Recorded: March 7, 2010

Published: March 9, 2010

Duration: 1:41:05

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  • "Another witty and incisive remark!"

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Chat room quotesEdit

  • Endorphins, mmmm, good.
    • Pavo734 @ 1:14:00 UTC
  • Indeed. Sometimes, it's better to substitute one sort of pain for another, especially pain of one's choosing.
    • Sinful @ 1:14:48 UTC
  • People assume sexuality = always fucking.
    • ShannaKatz @ 1:20:09 UTC
  • Weren't there discussions on Twitter this weekend about what sex is? So much is assuming it's only penis in vagina sex.
    • Viviane @ 1:23:56 UTC
  • I think Max in Seattle said, "Sex is anything that increases the probability of orgasm."
    • Graydancer @ 1:26:00 UTC
  • I said the other way around. Sex doesn't require orgasm, but whatever you do that DOES result in orgasm is probably considered "sex" of some sort.
    • Graydancer @ 1:29:09 UTC
  • ...I've had many lovers, my life has been loose, but I've never kissed anything quite like a moose... </sca>
    • Graydancer @ 1:31:33 UTC
  • You also have to reconcile it with your other partners - not just the person you have it with.
    • Graydancer @ 1:35:27 UTC
  • You can be an "authentic" performer, without having "authentic" orgasms. Depends on your goal.
    • Graydancer @ 1:45:33 UTC
  • I also have called myself a sex worker, and had some people vehemently deny it, because (to the best of their knowledge) I don't have sex for money.
    • Graydancer @ 1:53:10 UTC
  • Self-esteem based on relativity to others.
    • Pavo734 @ 1:55:38 UTC
  • My dad's wife is still that way: her "kids" aren't as f'd up as her friends'.
    • Pavo734 @ 1:57:34 UTC
  • Sarah, it's been my experience that racial demographics tend to follow the demographics of the area.
    • Graydancer @ 2:00:14 UTC
  • Unacknowledged privilege pisses me off.
    • musekitty @ 2:09:55 UTC
  • Pre-subscribed roles for relationships drives me nuts.
    • Siniful @ 2:12:26 UTC
  • I think it's odd to dress animals in any kind of costume.
    • Viviane @ 2:20:11 UTC
  • I love the concept of fluid for everything.
    • ShannaKatz @ 2:24:54 UTC
  • Gender identity, presentation/performance, and attribution.
    • nikolasco @ 2:29:30 UTC
  • Lots of us call femme our gender, rather than female, because the term female comes from our dangly bits, whereas femme is our choice of gender performance and being in the world?
    • musekitty @ 2:30:19 UTC

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