Kink On Tap
Episode 28
Wiki "A Seminal Moment"

Host(s): Maymay, Emma

Guest(s): Megan Andelloux, Aida Manduley

Recorded: February 7, 2010

Published: February 9, 2010

Duration: 1:34:45

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  • "Another witty and incisive remark!"

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  • I have to admit not getting WTF that Diesel campaign was about.
    • ohiegetit @1:33:51 UTC
  • Diesel is riding a wave of trend... it will last a short time but produce good returns while on.
    • eisenhower41477 @1:36:28 UTC
  • But the brain is the most erogenous zone of the body.
    • Pavo734 @1:39:20 UTC
  • Understanding how the body works is not the main point. It is a derivative of how you perceive your value as a person.
    • eisenhower41477 @1:42:01 UTC
  • How your parents made you feel about yourself when you just became a person.
    • eisenhower41477 @ 1"42:46 UTC
  • I don't think it was an issue of political gain. I think perhaps it was a survivor of the war, trying to frame her narrative. And censorship at that time probably would have been appropriate.
    • Viviane @1:50:25 UTC
  • It goes back to the ... misconception that men can't control themselves, yes? that women's sexualities are so fucking powerful that men have no control over what they do if they see women undressed/undressing/having anything to do with revealing their genitals?
    • mrsexsmith @1:57:18 UTC
  • Rape is a violent crime. Do they want to change homicide to unwanted death event?
    • Pavo734 @2:05:19 UTC
  • As someone raised religious I was taught that sex is first to make partners one, two, procreation, three, pleasure.
    • ohigetit @2:06:08 UTC
  • And by partners one I mean to enhance the bond between partners.
    • ohigetit @2:06:50 UTC
  • Well--overall children should know what is going to happen a bit before puberty.
    • nightshrill @2:32:42 UTC

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