Kink On Tap
Episode 23
Wiki "A Rainbow of Porn"

Host(s): Maymay, Emma

Guest(s): Jack Stratton, Molly Ren

Recorded: January 3, 2010

Published: January 5, 2010

Duration: 1:17:39

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  • "I actually grew up in a pretty open family that talked about sex…but I didn't get the answers that I wanted about specific things about sex so I looked for them online. [W]hen I started reading erotica…it was the first time I saw people who weren't professional writers writing at great length about things that were very personal."
  • "The biggest thing I've learned this year about my fetish, is that, it can be acceptable and that the way I think about it in my head isn't nearly as scary as the way people react to it when I tell them about it. […I]t's been a huge gift that I've been able to find places and people that are okay with it."

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